Scanning is something that is widely used in this digital era in various places (homes and organizations). The scan component usually resides on the top of the printer and is not movable. The component consists of a lid and a glass surface on which the documents are placed. In the below segments, we have discussed the steps that will help you scan a document on your Windows and Mac devices using a printer. 

Initial Preparation To Perform A Scan:

  • Turn on your computer and the printer.
  • The printer drivers and printing applications manage the printer’s scan component. So, keep the printer drivers and applications up to date.
  • Download the latest printer drivers from the printer’s support page.
  • Connect the printer to your computer via a USB cable.
  • Open the scanner lid, and you will be able to see the markings next to the glass bottom.
  • These markings indicate how a document needs to be oriented on the scanner.
  • Place your document facing down the scanner glass.
  • Once appropriately placed, close the scanner lid.
  • So, the initial preparation is over.

In the upcoming sections, we have listed out the steps that you can follow to scan a document on your Windows or Mac computer.

How To Scan

Performing The Scan Functionality On A Windows Computer:

  • Turn on your Windows computer connected to your printer.
  • Once the computer gets to an idle state, click the Windows logo in the screen's bottom-left corner.
  • In the search bar, type Windows Fax and Scan and hit Enter.
  • Under Best match, click Windows Fax and Scan.
  • Click the New Scan menu.
  • In the next window, verify that your printer model is shown next to Scanner.
  • If your printer name is not visible, then click the Change option to select your printer.
  • Once everything is done, change the settings according to your choice (Profile, Color format, File type, Resolution (DPI), etc.).
  • As you are scanning a document, choose the File type as PDF.
  • Once you have made all the necessary changes in the Settings Window, click the Preview option to preview the document on your computer screen.

How To Scan

Performing The Scan Functionality On A Mac Computer:

The steps to receive the scanned document on your Mac computer are similar to that of Windows.

  • Turn on your Mac computer and connect it to your printer.
  • Click the Apple logo from the top left-hand side of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, select System Preferences.
  • In the System Preferences window, choose Printers & Scanners.
  • From the Printers & Scanners window, choose your printer.
  • Click the Scan tab.
  • Click Open Scanner.
  • Now click on the Show Details option to make the required changes (Scan mode, Color or Black/White copy, Resolution, Format, etc.).
  • Select the storage location and click Scan.
  • Your document will be scanned to your Mac computer.
  • Once the scanning is over, you will find the scanned copy under your preferred location.

By now, you would have understood the concept of scanning, and you can apply it on your computer (Windows or Mac). If you have any doubts regarding the scanning procedure, then call our technicians to solve all the doubts running in your mind.

Note:Previewing helps you know whether the document is scanned appropriately or not.

  • If the document is not scanned correctly, open the scanner lid and check the document placement.
  • Once you have reviewed the document, click on the Scan option.
  • The scanning will begin.
  • The scanned document will be saved on your PC.

Click Documents and double-click the scanned Documents folder to locate the scanned document.

Scan A Document On A Printer

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