Modern printers allow you to print and scan directly from your Android devices. They give you plenty of connectivity options to print. Performing a printing or scanning task from Android devices is very simple. All you need is a printer’s mobile app. You can install it from the manufacturer’s official site. After installation, you must establish a connection between your printer and the Android device. Once done, you are a few clicks away from the beautiful printouts. So, let us see how to print and scan with Android devices.

Scanning to OneDrive

Using HP Smart (for HP printers):

Here, we use the HP Smart app to print and scan from an Android device.

  • Place the printer and your mobile device near the Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi option on your Android and connect to the network.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your Android to let HP Smart detect the printer during the setup.
  • Enable the mobile device location and permit the app to use your location to detect the printer.
  • Open the HP Smart app and create an HP account if you are using the HP Smart app for the first time. This will allow you to access all printer functions.
  • In the HP Smart main menu, click the Add printer option or + sign to search for the printer. Follow the instructions and complete the first time set up.
  • If your printer is not found on the list, follow the instructions.
  • On your printer, restore the network settings to default to set it for a wireless connection.
  • Printers with touchscreen: Wireless or Setup menu --> Network setup or Settings --> Restore Network Settings. These options may vary from printer to printer, so find the network settings on your printer to restore network default settings.
  • After restoring network settings, restart your printer within 2 hours.
  • Close and re-open the HP Smart app and try again to add your printer.

Below we see how to print and scan with Android.

To print from your Android device via HP Smart:

  • Select a print job type from the home screen and choose the item to print. You can also use the photo editing tools if necessary.

To scan from your Android device via HP Smart:

  • Open the Scan tile, load the originals into the document feeder, choose your scan settings and scan the item from your Android.

This article tells you how to print and scan from your Android device. Follow the above instructions and enjoy printing and scanning directly from your Android.