The Dell E515 printer offers a very fine printing quality, and can satisfy most of the business printing needs. In addition to printing, the Dell machine also supports state-of-the-art multi-function features along with mobile printing and scanning features. If you have the Dell E515 printer connected to a network, you can easily print and scan to Android and iOS devices, Windows phones, and tablets connected over the Wi-Fi access point.One particular feature of the Dell E515 printer we will be discussing on this page is how to scan to PDF. Scanning using the Dell E515 printer makes the job easier when you want to have a soft copy of an important document.There are 2 different ways using which you can scan a document from the Dell E515 printer

Dell E515 Scan To Pdf

How To Scan

Loading The Document:

Scan from the Auto Document Feeder:

In this method, you can place the documents with the printable side facing up. Also, you can scan multiple pages at once.

Scan from the Scanner Glass:

Place the document (original) you wish to scan on the scanner glass with the printable side facing downwards.Here is a simple way to scan to PDF using the Dell E515 printer.

  • Load the document on the Dell E515 printer (either in the ADF or on the Scanner Glass).
  • Press the Scan button.
  • Use the navigation arrow buttons on the printer and select the Scan to PC option. Press OK.
  • Using the navigation buttons, choose the File option and press OK.
  • In case the printer is connected over a network, select your destination computer.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Select the scan settings of your choice from the following options: Scan Type, Resolution, File Type, Scan Size.
  • Choose the format for the scan.
  • Press the Start button.
  • The Dell E515 Scan To PDF, which will be saved to your computer.

 With the simple steps described in this article, you can easily scan the document to PDF using the Dell E515 printer.